Embracing Challenges and assuring Quality

Though safety records show substantial improvement in the recent years, incidents and accidents still occur often where human factors and non-technical competencies play a part in something going wrong.

Many studies show poor Situational Awareness is a leading factor in aircraft incidents and accidents. The absence of Situational Awareness is mentioned in over 85% of all incident reports, with more than half due to loss of spatial awareness. We know that needs to change, and we’ve made the product to address it.

Airport Briefing helps the pilots build the mental model of the environment.  The interactive 3D environment within Airport Briefing allows visual analysis which enhances the experience, and presents the data in a user-friendly way for its pilots. This means enhanced engagement with vital data while flying, and a safer environment for pilots and their passengers throughout their journey.  The ‘3D Guided Briefing’ feature aids in the understanding of critical procedures and supplement the decision-making process.

Just as I’m proud to see what we’ve achieved so far, so too and I am looking forward to the future. Embracing the challenge of building on the progress we’ve made, and working even harder for continuous enhancement of Airport Briefing.

The goal has been set. We now move forward to build Airport Briefing as a globally recognized safety enhancement brand and universally recognized name in the aviation industry.

I’d welcome your joining me in this effort and our team in making a better and safer tomorrow.


Developing cutting edge Innovative Software

We forever aspire to push the boundaries of current limitations in all the work we do. By use of the latest technologies throughout the development process we seek to deliver innovative products which shall simplify tasks and optimize workflows.

With an ambition to create ‘a new conversation’ in aviation about flight safety, we use the pilot’s experience as our guiding star and navigation through all the products we develop.

Via the implementation of subject-matter studies throughout the planning, design, and development process.

Our Partners

Collaborative approach

We work closely with domestic and international partners to develop high quality products for the aviation market. Through collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders – from pilots and civil aviation authorities to flying schools and universities – we gather industry knowledge and expertise with the aspiration to develop new solutions and explore new ideas.