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Airport Briefing 3

Airport Briefing 3 is a high fidelity, interactive briefing software platform. It lays down a technological instrument to effectively comply with the applicable aerodrome competency qualification requirements, and as such, its INTENDED USE is implicitly inherited.

Remastered 3D engine

Improved graphics using geo-referenced terrain with physicallybased lighting and real-world atmosphere based on airport location, date and time.

  • ARINC 424 procedure visualization
  • 3D Flight Path simulation
  • 3D Weather engine
  • 3D Pen tool
  • Geo-referenced 3D airports
  • Realistic runway lighting
  • Improved graphics
  • Auto Voice Over
  • *3D scene editor

Reliable data source

With integrated LIDO SkyData® by Lufthansa Systems in Airport Briefing, monitoring and management of airport data is fully automated and managed using ARINC 424 data streams every AIRAC cycle.

  • Lufthansa Systems (Lido) Partnership
  • ARINC 424 Data

Sophisticated data management

The Airport Briefing Admin Panel is a cloud-based administrative back-end component. It enables operator functions for fast creation, management, and secure dissemination of high-quality aerodrome briefings.

  • Nav Data Manager
  • Update Mechanism
  • 3D Scene Editor

Enhanced Briefing feature

New highly customizable briefing structure providing full rich text, pdf, image, video support and much more.

  • Customization
  • Data Effectivity
  • PDF Support
  • Video support (*coming soon)
  • Auto-Airport Diagram
  • Font Size
  • Night Mode

Improved security and performance

Airport Briefing is running on AWS Cloud infrastructure which is the most secure cloud computing environment available today.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Compliance Support

Airport Briefing comes with a comprehensive set of high-quality user guides, training materials, videos, and compliance documentation to support even the most conservative operators.

  • User and Compliance Manuals
  • Admin and User Guide Manuals
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