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Would you like to be an architect of the future of aviation? Synapse Aviation, through “Airport Briefing” is bringing the experience of flying to you before you even wear the wings for your next trip. Join FREE now, and become an essential part of this great endeavor.



We are looking for aviator ambassadors. Aviators who would give an arm and a leg(regardless of medical requirements to fly) to be an instrument of this creation. Pilots who can identify and highlight operational black holes and threats, the mitigation of which, will bring their colleagues home safe to their loved ones. In time, you will become an essential and privileged part of “Airport Briefing” that will enhance every aviators flying experience regardless of latitude. All you need is a bright burning spark, even if you’re under 18 or over 55 years of age!!! The skills will emerge. You need to be currently flying though. You will also be a Beta Tester (BT).

You will register as either an “Airport Ambassador”. Once you do, you will receive an email from us confirming receipt of your interest to be a part of AB and shortly thereafter how to proceed with downloading the trial app and our expectations of each other.

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