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As our ambassador for JFK (or any other airport worldwide), you will identify and highlight everything in the airport that a pilot needs to know to be safe, efficient and amazed. You will update your amazing app with details that make it incredible and inseparable from the rest of our community. You will be our ambassador for marketing the product to potential clients and earn credits, income and a name for yourself. If you have it in you, you will become an authority on JFK for pilots worldwide.

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As an honored representative of Airport Briefing in the world of aviation, you will be rewarded with:

- Unrestricted acces and usage of Airport Briefing
- Honored status as Ambasador of Airport BRiefing and promoter of safety.
- Enrollment into Airport Briefing AWARD program based on valued accomplishments.
- Personal recognition and credits on dedicated pages.
- Early access and active part in development of new features.
- Satisfaction through influence in making the skies safer.
What is expected of you:

- Share knowledge and experience through a dedicated online reporting system.
- Spread the word of Airport Briefing