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Training videos

Home Screen

Learn how to search, find, select and install an airport of interest from the home screen list of Airport Briefing 3. Also, find out about the filtered list such as installed, favorites and history.

The Briefing Feature

Learn about the the Briefing feature in Airport Briefing that enables continuation and conformity with the legacy type or linear briefing media with bulk textual and tabular data, which also employs technological functions for smart content preview and much-improved user experience.

3D Feature (Overview)

Learn about the the 3D feature in Airport Briefing. It is an interactive briefing environment with high fidelity. Through well-structured briefing instructions and extensive use of visuals, you can significantly increase your familiarity and spatial awareness with the airport and its surrounding environment, and do it under various daylight and or meteorological conditions. The video gives an overview of the user interface and the available controls and options in the 3D feature.

3D Feature (Moving around the scene)

Learn how to move around in the 3D Feature using the available controls, gestures and cameras. This will help you easily navigate in the 3D environment of the selected airport and focus on any point of interest in the most effective and efficient way.

3D Feature (APPR, DEP & Simulation)

Learn about the 3D approach and simulation features in Airport Briefing. With the exclusive integration of the navigation Sky Data by Lido, the 3D feature provides selection and visualization of any instrument approach or departure procedure in 3D.

3D REF Visualization Briefing

The REF, or REFERENCE briefing segment provides automatic 3D Visualization Briefing of the ARINC 424 data stream. This visual briefing is divided into more than 10 different areas of interest including Terrain, Runways, Lighting, Weather, MSA, Magnetic Variation, Approach Facilities, Navaids, Approach Views, Density Altitude etc.

3D OEI Visualization Briefing

The built-in tools now provide 3D visualization of coded special procedures or any type of flight paths, supported by additional reference objects, nav aids, weather conditions, day/night mode etc.

3D Approach Visualization

Automatic ARINC 424 Approach (PF) and SID (PD) visualization and simulation in 3D.

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