Synapse Aviation SURVEY 2023

  • Develop the tools that will enable the customers to create (back-end) and view (end-user EFB) Route and Area briefings in 3D, in a similar way like the Airports.
  • Enable a capability to view and record the aircraft position in real-time. Further, superimpose the aircraft position in all 2D and 3D views. (This feature will enable the "POST-FLIGHT DEBRIEFING" feature below)
    *May be subject to certification unless used to enhance situational awareness only.
  • Integration of FlightRadar24 and or FlightAware in Airport Briefing (Enroute & Airport 3D views). Allow live view of own position and surrounding traffic, as well as review historic flights.
    *Both online and offline functionality
  • Enable a new smart feature which will filter out and present only the relevant briefing points based on the actual flight between two points. The principle would be based on TEM framework and a "must-know" concept.
  • Establish a team and develop a robust process that will output reliable briefing information based on threat and error management and risk assessment methodologies. The output must provide a meaningful data to end-users in effort to optimise their operations and mitigate threats. This feature is envisioned to provide an out-of-the-box quality solution to the customers.
  • Expand on the use of automation in smart analisys of background data (ARINC424, Terrain, Obstacles, Weather, etc.). Output system generated briefing points in visual format, that require no admin monitoring and updates. e.g. Auto-detect proximity of parallel taxiways and runways, display distances between runways, segregation distances, cold weather corrections, weather based threat detection, etc.
  • Enable connection, download and integration of the OFP (Operational Flight Plan) into the Airport Briefing application. Use this data to automate certain points and further alert if any briefing points should be brought to the user's attention. This feature will further enable a complete flight plan integration with Airport Briefing. *May be subject to certification
  • Enable online access to Airport Briefing. This should allow web briefing and integration with 3rd party services/online tools as well.
  • Support other languages for all auto-generated content, UI elements, etc.
  • Develop a new system-generated briefing / overview that will auto-detect and auto-visualize NOTAM information based on new Digital NOTAM specification and availability.
    *subject to availability of source D-NOTAM data
  • Create a feature that will replay the actual flight for the purpuse of debriefing and review.
  • Enable VR technology to allow the end-users to brief entirely in 3D using a VR headset.
  • Enable the end-users to efortlessly mark, highlight, select, or create feedback and share it with the back-end. This includes the use of visuals and visual notes / feedback.
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