Airport Briefing
enhancing situational awareness
*powered by 3D engine technology
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Improved safety margin

through effective decision making utilizing enhanced SA, application of procedures, knowledge and staying ahead of the airplane.

Cost Effectiveness

through more efficient operation, by mitigating risks of operational errors with more situationally aware and knowledgeable pilots.

Regulatory Compliance

with the aerodrome competency qualification requirements defined in ICAO Annex 6, FAA FAR 121.445 and EASA PART ORO AMC&GM.

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Would you like to be an architect of the future of aviation? Synapse Aviation, through “Airport Briefing” is bringing the experience of flying to you before you even wear the wings for your next trip. Join FREE now, and become an essential part of this great endeavor.

The Product

Airport Briefing is a new generation flight operations and training platform, and an ultimate situational awareness tool for any operating aviator. Complying with the aerodrome competency qualification requirements, it enhances the ability of the crew to identify operational black holes, manage obvious and subtle threats and creates a clear mental model of the environment before getting airborne. Follow this link to see the up-to-date List of Available Airports

AB Professional(Coming soon)

Compatible with iOS and Android tablets, Airport Briefing Professional is an inseparable part of every pilot's flight bag. Simply put, "You have controls" and the freedom to unlock your creativity and make pre-flight preparation fun and complete. Stay tuned as we are in final pre-launch preparations.

AB Enterprise

Modular by design, Airport Briefing for Airlines is fully customizable and in compliance with the aerodrome competency qualification requirements defined by ICAO Annex 6, FAA FAR 121.445 and EASA PART ORO AMC&GM.

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Engage and meet Airport Briefing as we present it at 'ENGAGE' Annual Event hosted by Digital Globe in London, 10-11 April 2018.


Airport Briefing will be presenting on the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference - EMEA in Amsterdam, June 2017.


Upgrade your dispatch and briefing rooms with state of the art Airport Briefing Station. Call us today to get more information about the new Microsoft Surface Studio with preinstalled Airport Briefing.

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We work closely with domestic and international partners to develop high quality products for the aviation market. Through collaboration with a wide variety of stakeholders - from pilots and civil aviation authorities to flying schools and universities - we gather industry knowledge and expertise with the aspiration to develop new solutions and explore new ideas.