Lufthansa Group and Synapse Aviation start a new relationship whereby Synapse’s Airport Briefing EFB solution will be embraced progressively by the airlines within Lufthansa Group. Aiming to enhance and standardize the flight crew briefing and training processes, the Airport Briefing application will be operationalized on the devices used by the Lufthansa Group flight crew. In addition, the agreement lays down a foundation that will enable further growth and optimization of the solution with industry subject matter experts from both sides.

The Airport Briefing concept is designed to maximize familiarization with an uncharted environment using 3D visuals and multi-media. It creates a common but managed platform for sharing information and experiences that are critical to operations into a particular airfield or route. This information is further processed using smart techniques that rule out the information that is not so relevant to the type of operation thus minimizing the briefing time required from the crews. The valuable time inflight previously lost to assimilate information using traditional means instead can be directed towards critical decision-making based on relevant data. Airport Briefing is the only product in the world that offers system-generated briefings as well as back-office tools for content creation in 3d for visual depiction of information to airmen.

“It takes leaders to chart the path for others to follow. I am happy that Lufthansa Group as a leader in the global aviation industry marks the first major airline group to adopt Airport Briefing in its operational network.” – said Captain Kocho Mojsov during the signing ceremony.

The agreement with Lufthansa also defines a collaboration for development of new functionalities aiming to encapsulate the best briefing and training practices together with the regulatory requirements in a single state-of-the-art product, using the best of available technologies, knowledge, experience, and data.

“We are deeply honoured that our contribution to flight operations of Lufthansa Group through our product will touch every flight crew member that comes within its fold. This partnership is a reflection of the pioneering leadership of the group and is a recognition and endorsement of our team, our product, vision, and way forward for the flight operations community.” – said the General Manager of Synapse Aviation, Mr. Filip Arsov.