Airport Briefing 3 – Unparalleled Operational Visualization, Information and Communication tool for Flight Crew & Unparalleled Risk mitigation, Information management, Crew Communication platform for Airline, Charter, and all aircraft Operators

COVID-19 has been debilitating for the aviation industry. Besides impacting our livelihood, qualifications, and progression, it has been crushing for every business from the ground up. As we return to the skies and airways, the entire flight operations community is facing the immense challenges associated with operational disengagement. Besides license and qualification recurrencies, knowledge and skill gaps, aircraft serviceability and other operational handicaps, there is a significant operational unfamiliarity with the operating environment that has emerged as a threat for flight crew around the planet.

Our team at Airport Briefing has been at work round the clock whether from home, office or isolation to enhance and upgrade our product to introduce Airport Briefing Version 3. We have packed in a lot of our learning, reliability, and ergonomic features to bring back your favorite platform to you.

Version 3 comes updated with the AIRAC real-time data that will be automatically updated with every 28-day cycle. Our partnership with LIDO by Lufthansa Systems on this, makes us a part of their product portfolio and is a vindication of our quality and reliability. Our product quality and operational contribution is unequivocally highlighted by our partnership with the Flight Operations of one of the largest airline groups, yet to be announced this year. This partnership will be a reflection of the pioneering leadership of the group and an endorsement of our product, vision and way forward for the flight operations community.

The new enhanced features of Version 3 offer the following to subscribing flight crew:

  • Unparalleled briefing experience
  • Well informed operational and weather-related decisions
  • Approach and Departure path visualization under changing Environmental conditions
  • 1st person and 3rd person point of view Simulation of any flight path, including OEI routes.
  • System generated 3D Briefing driven by and kept current by Lido SkyData
  • 3D Minimum safe altitudes
  • Sophisticated Update Mechanism with Review and Approval system
  • Comprehensive Administrator tools for management and dissemination of information
  • Proprietary 3D Scene Editor for development of visual content and training scenarios

Some of the features that will significantly benefit Information and real-time Communication between Flight Operations and the Flight Crew are the following:

  • A complete and “LIVE” Route and Aerodrome Operational Manual (Part C)
  • A platform for instantaneous and visual reporting of threats within the operational network
  • Single platform for multiple fleets or AOC’s
  • Clear data and information ownership with multi-tier authorizations
  • User records to ensure compliances for briefings and familiarization

For airlines and operators, the changes with our upgraded product will significantly reduce the risk of your flight crew from landing on taxiways or incorrect runways, achieve visualization of hotspots and obstacles and remain as a single point information source to all operational risks no matter how recent.

With our soon to be introduced and WIP Route and Area feature, crews will also be able to maintain a higher level of operational awareness for enroute decision making, centrally controlled decompression and enroute obstacle clearance routes and ready reference to operationally acceptable diversion airfields with updated weather and operational information. The cost of a single uninformed diversion decision makes Airport Briefing a winning proposition for any operator.

Embrace Airport Briefing and lighten up your sky.